About Us



The San Diego Alcohol Policy Panel is a coalition of volunteer community advocates who have come together to prevent binge and underage drinking in San Diego County.

Our Vision:  A safe, healthy, inviting, attractive and thriving San Diego community that is full of opportunity and free of alcohol-related problems.

Our Mission: To reduce alcohol-related problems in San Diego County by supporting the San Diego County Binge and Underage Drinking Initiative through leadership and advocacy.

The San Diego County Alcohol Policy Panel is made up of three groups. These groups include the Sector Leaders, a Core Team of three to four of the Sector Leaders and a General Assembly comprised of community members, law enforcement officials, youth and organizations interested in supporting the Policy Panel and advancing the goals of the San Diego County Binge and Underage Drinking Initiative through environmental prevention.

The Policy Panel is informed of the latest research in environmental prevention by a group of locally and nationally recognized expert advisors.