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The mission of the Task Force is to unite law enforcement across San Diego County to ensure cooperative, consistent and highly visible enforcement of alcoholic beverage statutes, as well as to establish and strengthen community partnerships with law enforcement.

As an advisory body to the San Diego County Police Chief’s and Sheriff’s Association, the Task Force has developed and continues to foster region-wide consistency of enforcement strategies to prevent underage drinking and related community problems.

As one of the first task forces of its kind in the nation, the San Diego County Law Enforcement Task Force on Alcohol & DUI is regarded as a national model and has been recognized by the office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention; the California Secretary of the California Department of Business, Transportation and Housing; the California Office of Traffic Safety; and has been commended by California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Members of the Task Force work in conjunction with one another throughout the county, assisting each other with the task of alcohol enforcement and education. The Task Force has streamlined and made possible allied assistance in local law enforcement, state agencies and civilian entities that has not been replicated elsewhere.

High-Visibility, Multi-Jursdictional Operations

One unique component of the Task Force is its strategic use of news media to increase the visibility of enforcement operations and thereby increase deterrence in the community. The Task Force has successfully used media, either before or after such operations as minor decoys, shoulder taps, DUI enforcement, undercover operations, and party dispersals. Many Task Force operations are funded by the San Diego County “Avoid the 14” Grant, funded by the California Office of Traffic Safety.

The LETF High-Visibilty Enforcement Efforts:

  • Demonstrate law enforcement’s commitment to work as a team and in partnership with the public health sector to solve the seemingly intransigent problem of underage drinking.
  • Reduce the availability and use of alcohol by minors and reduce the personal and community problems associated with it.
  • Raise regional awareness of the importance of consistently enforcing underage drinking laws.
  • Increase the public’s awareness that underage drinking cause crime and negatively affects youth.
  • Change public behavior through aggressive enforcement, sound educational approaches, and community support.

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Our Track Record

In 2006, the Law Enforcement Task Force conducted 94 countywide, multi-jurisdictional operations resulting in 2,442 arrests or citations and 61 ABC administrative actions against licensed establishments. More specifically, Task Force member agencies assisted one another with over 25 undercover and campus alcohol enforcement details, 20 checkpoints, 15 DUI saturation patrols, and several large special events.


California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control | California Department of Motor Vehicles
Carlsbad Police Department | California Highway Patrol | Chula Vista Police Department|Coronado Police Department| El Cajon Police Department | Escondido Police Department
| La Mesa Police Department | National City Police Department |San Diego City Attorney’s Office | San Diego County District Attorney’s Office | San Diego Police Department|
San Diego County Probation Department | San Diego County Sheriff’s Department | San Diego State University Police
University of San Diego | University of California, San Diego Police | U.S. Border Patrol USN Shore Patrol


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Every First Wednesday from 9AM–10AM

San Diego County Sheriff’s Department
10731 Treena St # 100
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Contacting Us

Mark McCullough
LEFT Interim Chair
San Diego Police Officer
858 495 7822 /

San Diego County Law Enforcement Task Force
on Alcohol & DUI

c/o San Diego Police Department
1401 Broadway, MS-724
San Diego, CA 92101